Visitors motivation to attend events

Price of tickets or perceived value of the sport product are fall into controlled factor which can controlled but the average income of the population and economic condition of the country are fall into uncontrolled factor which cannot controlled by event organiser. To attract non-musical visitors event need to have some non-musical motivational factors such as socialization, fun and etc.

Fourth finding of the study was the motives for charitable giving make a stronger contribution to attachment for an event with a more prominent charitable cause, while the recreation motives make a stronger contribution to attachment to an event with a less prominent charitable cause.

In his research, he studied on 32 motivation items categorising on seven different dimensions. Front room factor Facilities or elements of the event experience that are under the control of management.

Mullins describes motivation as this force which drives any person to show a specific behaviour towards any condition or situation or things. Here we are going to discuss about the common motivation factors of different kinds of festivals as Food festival, sport festival music festival and cultural festival and their unique motivation factor in each kinds of festival.

It obviously also comprises attending events, which can require travelling. Journal of Travel Research36, For true fan attendees for in the event it is most important.

Front room factor Facilities or elements of the event experience that are under the control of management. Festival Management and Event Tourism4 4 The data collection took place exclusively on the waterfront promenade where the competi- tion was held.

Manager need to include more activities that not specifically related to the main Purpose of the event. From this study Lee found that the motivation level of Caucasian visitors was slightly high then of Asian visitors at Kyongju World Culture Expo.

Funk describe that visitors desire to watch sport event occurs within five stages which are need recognition, tension reductiondrive state, want pathway, and goal behaviour. Visitors motivated with this factor have a desire to gain knowledge on different kinds of cultural practices and celebrations.

He studied the motivation of the visitor in 10, populations which is the number of visitors in the festival every year. When completed the comparative study of visitor motivation for music festival from Glastonbury and V Festival two largest music festivals in UK withvisitors.

Visitor Motivations to Attend Events

There are some unique motivational factors for some events which we cannot find in other events. Next, the methodology is outlined by giv- ing information on the data collection and study site as well as relevant parts of the questionnaire.

An empirical model of attendance factors at major sporting events. Sports events represent a major area of event revenue contributing economic benefits to cities and regions. Analysis of motivation Common motivation factors After reviewing the work of different authors on motivation of events visitor, we can conclude that most of motivation items in every kinds of events are common.

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To find out motivation they conduct interview with visitor on the event site of Celebrate Fairfax, an annual music festival held in Virginia USA. In the expo there are performances from 48 different countries. Learning or exploring cultures — learn about or explore other cultures.

From the same study they try to find out whether music matters in musical festival or not? They come with four findings in which first was hobby of charity givingsecond was social, reciprocity, self-esteem, need to help others in which they focused more on the charitable cause.

People motivated by this factor attend event to seek the opportunity to be with family, relatives and friends. The objective of this study was to identify the major factors that motivated visitors to attend the South Beach Wine and Food Festival in Miami Beach, Florida, and determine whether these factors varied among the visitors from the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, and Asia.

Purpose of the study was to find out the importance of festival market segmentation based on visitor motivation for promotion of event or festival. Event Management15, —were used to identify motives which stimulated visitors to go to events at a festival. These two frameworks were used to guide development of an instrument to measure motives.

Special eventsSpecial events motivate visitors to attend galleries because they offer something that is “out of the ordinary” and “novel”.

This study found that the most important element for visitors was the “special event package”. Visitors of the events and festivals have their own purpose to attend on it. Each single visitor has motivation to attend on any kinds of events.

In other words visitors’ motivations to attend events and festivals are different. Visitor motivations to attend special events at art galleriesThis study found that visitors attending a special event at a gallery were motivated by fewer, yet more specific factors, than those visitors attending the gallery for a general visit.

Visitors Motivation To Attend Events Table of contents Introduction 1 Food and wine festival 2 Sport event 3 Music Festival 5 Cultural events 6 Analysis of motivation 8 Common motivation factors 8 Unique motivation factors 9 Need for organiser 9 Conclusion 10 Bibliography 11 Visitor Motivations to Attend Events Introduction Motivation is the force.

Authentic or imaginative event products, consumers look for a point of difference and, in particular, authenticity when visiting an event as a tourist. Where leisure options are a dime a dozen, an event needs to provide the motivation to attend.

In the case of annual events, the .

Visitors motivation to attend events
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