Self interest motivates

There is nothing left to add on my side so I would like to end this just by thanking my opponent for a wonderful debate.

Wellprove me wrong! Foundations[ edit ] Beginning with ancient philosophy, Epicureanism claims humans live to maximize pleasure. Con First of all, Thank you for creating such a thought provoking - This will be interesting: His son sees and attacks his own father for the bread. Her suitor, a German officer in charge of her barrack, however, was not able to gain her affection like the children.

Its "fake interest" if you help a beggar because of your religion. People want to know how they are contributing to the greater good. A-Rod was, at one-time, the highest paid player in Major League Baseball. Its "fake interest" if you help a beggar because of your religion.

Self Interest Motivates Humans have always wondered what drives them to make the choices the make. Fighting for a country, isn't well-being or self-interest, it's about protecting or 'saving' the world from too much bloodshed and violence Yes, I realise it's fight violence with violence, but the overall outcome is better - I mean look, Bin Laden is dead.

Angel of Bergen-Belsen, The Lunch Date, The Book Thief, and Night all show the same trait of self-interest being the main cause for motivating people to make the decisions they make.

Self Interest Motivates

They don't join simply because they want to be loved by people and their nation, they do it to protect their country. Let me repeat that Because it would be bad for them. You join the army because you want recognitionmost of the time without you even being aware of that.

Feeling bad is against his own well being. We are free to seek improvements to our lives—the pursuit of happiness, if you will—provided that we are not denying the same for others. Maybe they get a sense of satisfaction from doing their job well.Kronos is the global leader in delivering workforce management solutions in the cloud.

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(cont from RFD) every human action is motivated by self interest. Con's last argument wasn't convincing enough for me because I would certainly keep the medicine for myself, yet he showed that some people might be motivated to give it to the other person.

What appears to be altruistically motivated behavior is really only self interest in disguise. The view that human beings act from self-interest and from self interest alone is not new.


It has long been the dominant view in psychology and in much of Western thought. What Motivates A Student's Interest in Reading and Writing Alex Ragone/Flickr The excerpt below is from the book " Building a Community of Self-Motivated Learners: Strategies to Help Students Thrive in School and Beyond," by Larry Ferlazzo.

Self-interest, rightly conceived, is about self-preservation, responsibility and increased quality of life.

Self Interest or Team Effort?

It is self-interest that motivates us to get up and go to work, tend to our home, care for our children, seek education and follow doctors’ orders. Feb 17,  · To be sure, self-interest is an important human motive, and the self-interest model has well-established explanatory power.

When energy prices rise, for example, people are more likely to buy hybrid vehicles and add extra insulation in their attics. But some economists go so far as to say that self-interest explains virtually all .

Self interest motivates
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