How to write a book report on alice in wonderland

She possesses unusual composure for a child, and she seems bright but makes many charming mistakes. After seeing the White Rabbit, she met the fish who took Alice to the Dutchess.

She told her sister about her vivid dream and then went home for a cup of tea. Alice started thinking about her cat, and started to wonder would the cat be suitable for catching bats.

The Queen evaluated her abilities as useless, giving her a task of watching the flowers who forgot to bloom. I loved the book so much I read it twice!

Did Lewis Carroll write Alice's Adventures in Wonderland while on an acid trip?

She also warned Alice that the White Rabbit will try to dress her using the leaves, and the Mad Hatter is boiling rocks. He thinks of himself as the busiest person, and he is responsible for saving the Alice from getting arrested.

The cost of education could not count Dodgson continued the academic family tradition and studied mathematics and theology, eventually becoming a mathematician at Oxford University. They announced the arrival of the Queen, followed by her King. Her adventures begin when she falls asleep by the side of a stream in a meadow and dreams that she follows a White Rabbit down his hole.

Based on the novel Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll, Alice, the heroine of the story is a curious, imaginative, strong- willed, and honest young English girl. As she falls through the rabbit-hole, for instance, she wonders what latitude or longitude she has arrived at.

Not even the smiling Cheshire-Cat is kind to her. I do not really understand the plot. The garden is inhabited by playing cards with arms and legs and heads ,who are ruled over by the barbarous Queen of Hearts. When Alice finds her neck elongated, everything, in her words, becomes "queer"; again, she is uncertain who she is.

Alice then becomes more polite, but the Caterpillar only sharpens his already very short, brusque replies. The White Rabbit was in charge for reading the verdict, and Bill the Hatter got a sentence of spending a week behind the bars.

Point out the relationship between text and pictures that is so significant in Alice. He sent them word I had not gone We know it to be true: She kept on falling into darkness, unaware of the speed, time, and distance of her fall.

Her sister was still reading her book at the river shore, and Alice was lucky for waking up in the ordinary world, but also feeling a bit sad because of her leaving the Wonderland. But will it mean leaving her old life behind forever? In Wonderland, there are obviously no conventional rules of etiquette.

The first film adaptation came out in Alice is now about a foot tall. The Knave shook his head sadly. Queen ordered the army to arrest her, but Alice shook them off and told the Queen she is going home.

This remains a controversy. Since this is a fantasy novel, it is not necessary to explore other elements related to setting such as geography, historical significance, the social or cultural environment, population or ancestry. But then Wonderland would not be so amusing to us except in terms of its sheer, unabated madness.

In the pages that follow a strange liquid will shrink her to only ten inches tall; a curious cake will disappear before her eyes; a mad hatter will invite her to tea — and Alice will play a very dangerous game of croquet… The character of Alice is based on Alice Liddell, the ten-year-old daughter of an academic at Christ Church College in Oxford, where author Lewis Carroll studied and taught.

She will talk about her childhood and always care for other living beings. Her sister closed the book she was reading and started to think about Alice, her stories, and her noble heart. Finally, at the end of the room behind the curtain, she found small doors who were easily opened with the key, but she was too big to walk through.

She found herself in a pond of salty water, made out of her tears. Alice was very surprised as the White Rabbit kept on explaining to her that she has to work something and that he is overwhelmed with work as well. The potion reduces her to ten inches high, but she forgets to take the key with her!

This refers to the place in which the story is set. Carroll would tell Alice stories to entertain her: Yet here in Wonderland, things change — for no known reason — thus, logic has lost all its validity.While Carroll continued to write children's stories, his distinguished place in literary history was firmly established with the publication of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass.

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As a young reader, I found Alice in Wonderland creepy and rather distasteful. Alice's adventures played like a series of encounters with characters whose purpose was to tease, puzzle and torment her.

Alice's adventures played like a series of encounters with characters whose. Home > Essay alice in wonderland party > Essay alice in wonderland party.

Key Facts about Alice in Wonderland

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Jun 14,  · Alice’s role in the book’s begetting was known to her and to family members, of course, but not to anyone else much, and in Isa Bowman was able to publish a book.

How much do you know about Alice in Wonderland? Test your knowledge here! Movies Wonderland Knowledge Alice Report Who had to write what to remember it? White Queen & A Book. Red King & A Pen. White King & A Memorandum-book.

Red Queen & A Jury Plaque. Question How do you read something.

How to write a book report on alice in wonderland
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