Essay can we celebrate diwali without crackers

But we must also make each other aware of the harms of the pollution caused by the firecrackers that leads directly or indirectly to global warming.

Paragraph on Diwali Without Crackers (Eco-Friendly Diwali)

Sharing the Joy People visit their relatives, neighbours and friends. We all should practice celebrating the pollution free Diwali every year in order to save and enjoy the natural beauty of environment forever.

Also known as the festival of lights, Diwali is all about worshiping the deities, burning crackers, having sweets and making merry with the loved ones. The bursting of fire crackers is the most widespread way to celebrate Diwali.

Grand celebration is held at this time. Many people host Diwali parties to celebrate the festival with their loved ones.

Diwali Essay

The government must intervene for the same. It is said that the entire town of Ayodhya was lighted with diyas to welcome Lord Rama, Laxman and Sita.

People visit their colleagues, neighbours, relatives and friends and present gifts to them to strengthen their bond. It becomes the happiest holiday for Indian people in the year and celebrated with significant preparations. The markets are flooded with variety of gift items and sweets around this time.

With or without crackers, I hope you have a safe and great one. Some people celebrate it to remember the return of Pandavas to their kingdom after 12 years of Vanvas and one year of agyatavas according to Hindu epic Mahabharata. Air and water pollution is also caused by the decay of remnants of fireworks and deluge of garbage like empty bottles, papers used to light off rockets, gift wrappers, dried flowers, etc at the nook and corners of the city.

People decorate their houses after cleaning them thoroughly to welcome Goddess Lakshmi who is worshipped on this day. On the day of Diwali, people light up their houses with diyas, candles and lights.

The burning of crackers does not only pollute the air but also causes noise pollution. When we do I want to hear is their voices, not get deafened by noisy crackers. And if you love cooking, what better opportunity do you need, than one where everyone around you is ready to eat anything edible that comes their way?

It is a day to celebrate the victory of light over darkness. After puja, they get involved in the fireworks activities and then distribute gifts to each other among neighbors, family members, friends, offices, etc.

People visit each other and exchange gifts as a part of the Diwali celebrations. Nor will your not eating fast food for one week or so reduce your weight. The author of this blog stopped writing here long time back.

The joy of celebration doubles up this way.

7 Tips to Celebrate a Smokeless, Noiseless, Eco-Friendly and Safe Diwali You Will Thank Us For

When Diwali is just around the corner, act as an interior designer and decorate your house with candles, diyas, flowers and lights. But it has not yet reached that level to which we all can say that yes, we celebrated a noiseless safe and pollution free diwali.

Environment and pollution departments also do many efforts by publishing pollution free news in the various newspapers to aware people and curb noise and air pollution because of firecrackers. Friends feeling fun is very subjective, varies person to person.

It is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm by the Hindu families year after year. With bumper discounts thrown in on every possible product in the market, the common consumer falls to the temptation of many times unnecessary buying and spending.

There are many ancient stories, legends, and myths about celebrating this festival.

Celebrate an Environmentally Safe Diwali

People decorate their houses with lots of candles and small clay oil lamps indicating the victory of good over evil. Leads to vomiting Could lead to mental impairment Could lead to coma Noise Pollution caused by Fire Crackers Crackers that make a noise of more than decibels at four metres distance from the point of bursting are banned by the law.

To avoid negative consequences of crackers, here is a quick outline of how we can still have a memorable diwali without fire crackers. It is believed that worshipping Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha on this day brings in wealth, prosperity and good luck.

People of Hindu religion wait very eagerly for this special festival of Diwali. The older tradition of burning oil lamps is a possible alternative to electric lights - even though it does use oil, the duration of the lamps is shorter. Diwali Celebrations Diwali is being celebrated in India since the ancient times.

They gather together and celebrate the festival as one community instead of individual celebrations and use smokeless environmentally friendly crackers made out of recycled paper. Her mum gave an option.Yes, we can be and should be celebrate Diwali festival without burning Crackers-Diwali is popularly known as the “Festival of Lights” in India.

People should celebrate the festival without bursting crackers to avoid both noise and air pollution.

Each year before Diwali, I sit down with my friends and family and we make our own lamps. Diwali Without Crackers. a year of waiting, Diwali arrived. Everyone’s house would be lighted up with lamps & joy. However we celebrate this Diwali; we can’t remove these Carbon dioxide, Climate change, Essay on Diwali.

of Diwali India, the land of rich cultural heritage. Diwali Essays Diwali in Mauritius Diwali is celebrated in honor of Goddess Lakshmi. In Mauritius, we celebrate Diwali with honor great devotion. We cook sweets like kanawla Words; 15 Pages; Diwali Of My Drems THE DIWALI OF MY DREAMS When I was returning home from school, I saw that people were painting and decorating their houses.

You can select anyone of these Diwali essay according to your need: Celebration of Diwali with Family without Crackers. Diwali is my favorite festival of the year and I celebrate it with lots of enthusiasm with my family members and friends.

Diwali is called as the festival of lights because we celebrate it by lighting lots of diyas and.

Diwali Essay

We must not buy unlimited crackers instead of that we can help a poor with that money. These days, trend of diwali greetings, diwali messages, diwali cards, diwali ecards, diwali calendar, diwali greeting cards, diwali flash,diwali themes, diwali screensaver, diwali images, diwali rangoli, diwali scraps, diwali designs, diwali painting is going on.

Essay can we celebrate diwali without crackers
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