An opinion that rapists should be castrated by the us government

In this atmosphere, by no means is Kirubakaran alone in his views. Alternative thinking The problem with both those who suggest castration and those who object to it is not its cruelty, effectiveness, or inhumanity.

Should rapists be castrated?

But certain credible statistics point to the social condition in which the crime actually takes place. Indonesia has just become the latest nation to begin chemically castrating child-sex offenders following the brutal gang rape and murder of a year-old schoolgirl in April.

Quite apart from shifts in world sentiment, making the death penalty compulsory for every rape conviction brings with it a grave risk. In Zimbabwe"Women parliamentarians are pushing for severe penalties which include mandatory life sentences or castration for rapists". The same day, in Anand Vihar in east Delhi, a fiveyear-old girl was gang-raped by three men.

Meanwhile, she and other activists urge parents and schools to teach children the difference between "good touch" and "bad touch", ensuring the child remembers this and feels safe about reporting abuse and that society and the state respond positively to those reporting the crime.

Then there is the disturbing reality mostly brushed under the carpet that the majority of sexual abuse of children happens inside homes or by people known to the victim. But such megacities and their social anomie are no longer limited to those in North America and Western Europe, and thus the idea of castration in response to rape is now emerging in other countries too.

No doubt re-education and sensitivity are vital in this regard, but they will take a long time to take root. In Germany, surgical castration is offered as treatment to detained sex offenders and the procedure is strictly voluntary, with a waiting period given to reconsider the decision.

Most are done in the 3 months to 1 year old range. If he or she is out of prison because a jail sentence is completed, how can any injectable be enforced upon a technically "free man who has finished serving time," she argues. Having the option that such a method may be applied could work to dissuade them.

This is borne out by both government data and anecdotal evidence. Then comes the law. The criminals must be held responsible for their acts through due justice, even if their individual rights are overridden in the process.

Around convicts participated in the voluntary programme for sex offenders in the UK.

Minister says rapists should be castrated

But the US Justice Department estimatesAmerican women are raped every year, and the Centers for Disease Control puts the number much higher at 1.

If you don't like it, then too bad, leave or in the case of being a visitor, don't go there. However, it is undeniable that unbridled sexual desire also plays a major role in many rapes.

But the final report categorically rejected both mandatory chemical and surgical castration, on the grounds that it was a violation of human rights and failed to address underlying causes of sexual assault, such as power.Rapists should Be castrated or killed.

Rape is in my opoinion the worst crime along with murder/ genovide. Being raped is one of the most tramatic and painful things and often leaves victims pemenayly scarred. If you rape someone (and there is % certain proof) you should aoutomaticly lose your rights and be caterated or put to death.

Should rapists be castrated? The new law was published in the Official Gazette a couple of days ago: From now on, sex criminals will be “chemically castrated.” Several countries in the world already practice this, but it is a first in Turkey.

Some people consider this a big step in the fight against sex crimes, saying it will act as a deterrent.

Do you think rapist's should be castrated?

Rape & Punishment: Should Rapists Be Castrated? | Video | As India witnesses a spate of sex crimes against children, we debate whether castration is a possible punishment to deter offenders from committing such heinous crimes.

In the US, certain states have made chemical castration mandatory for those convicted of child sexual abuse. India, too, considered the option of castration as a punishment for sexual offenders, in an even more charged atmosphere.

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Dec 30,  · In my opinion, rapists/pedophiles and the like, are a waste of human life and are a drain on society as a whole. They contribute nothing to society except for pain and bad memories for those who have been unfortunate enough to have had to deal with that type of Resolved.

Rapists should be castrated. When someone attacks another person, and they use a weapon, that weapon is taken away. The weapon rapists use is their penis, and castration could be a major deterrent to several rapists.

You wouldn't let a convicted murderer keep his weapon, you shouldn't let a.

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An opinion that rapists should be castrated by the us government
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