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Lviii as seen in primary products of the longer term global evaluation of performance within these frameworks. Primary and secondary tax card Residents in Denmark may earn a certain amount of money each year before having to pay tax.

Please arrange when and how to do this with your supervisor. However, an agreement concerning the submission of the thesis must always be made pursuant to applicable rules. You can learn more about these facilities at the following websites: Your second examination attempt starts automatically, giving you three extra months starting from the original submission deadline.

We have 18 Aarhus University Masters Degrees. Students are required to provide the university with documentation of any such change of status.

Master's degree programmes

Registration of supervisor, tentative title and problem statement. Thesis aarhus university shelves. Please be aware that the scholarship may not cover all your living expenses in Denmark, and that you may have to supplement your monthly scholarship with your own savings, a students loan from your home country or a student job.

It is not possible for full-degree students to pay tuition fees in smaller instalments. The thesis process During this period you work on your thesis. Other terms regarding full scholarships with or without a grant to cover living costs are set out in the contract made by the student and the university the scholarship letter.

Click here for more information. Go to this page for the timelines for masters thesis summer and winter submission. Special circumstances If you wish to submit your thesis before the deadline If you do not need the full thesis period, you are welcome to submit your thesis earlier.

In the case of non-payment of the tuition fees by the due date, the offer of admission is withdrawn. The administrative staff is bound to secrecy about any company knowledge acquired from the thesis. Please note, that the month of July is not included when calculating the two-month deadline.

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The signature from the head of department will be filled in later. The above is stipulated pursuant to Section 3 of the Ministerial Order no. Thesis with oral defence The defence takes place within the four week assessment period, which starts on the date where the thesis is submitted.

You must apply by sending an email to specialer. After the prescribed standard period of study, the degree programme is deemed to have been paid for, and enrolment may be prolonged without additional tuition fees being charged. Here you can find more information on Bachelors project and Masters thesis.

Confidential Theses and reports

You are expected to set up a Danish Easy Account as soon as possible after your arrival in Denmark, and after that, your monthly payment will be transferred to your Easy Account.

Perspectives from affective neuroscience.This catalogue of master thesis projects available in the Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University, is considered to inspire and help you selecting a topic for your master thesis project.

The catalogue is intended for students of the Master’s Degree Programmes in Agrobiology, in. Aarhus University’s obligations If a company or an organisation - when cooperating with an AU student on a thesis or report - requests for confidentiality about knowledge acquired by the institution and the student, Aarhus University is obliged to comply with the confidentiality rules listed below.

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Questions about practical matters. If you have any questions regarding practical matters such as getting a visa, housing etc., please contact: The International Centre. In the Master’s degree programme in anthropology at Aarhus University, you can gain considerable practical experience.

Independent anthropological fieldwork or fieldwork practicum in a Danish or foreign company or organisation provides you with an opportunity to use anthropological methodology and theories in practice. Aarhus University offers more than 60 English taught Master's programmes across Arts, Business & Social Sciences and Science & Technology.

Master's thesis

It's free! Your colleagues, classmates, and million other professionals are on LinkedIn. View Maria Luiza’s Full Profile. Experience. Master Thesis Student Aarhus agronumericus.com: Master Thesis Student at Aarhus .

Aarhus university master thesis free
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